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Automobile Copper Carbon tablets/brush Industrial Copper Carbon tablets/brush Variac / dimmer carbons Carbon Tablets Graphite blocks/brushes EG (electro graphite) Carbons Variac/dimmer spares
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Mita Enterprises - a leading manufacturer of a gamut of custom-built carbon products for various industries for over two decades. High Quality and Reliability are synonymous to our brand name. We aim at not only achieving new customer base but also retaining long- term strategic relationships with our existing customers.

We also manufacture copper carbon tablets in all grades and sizes as per your requirement. Over the years we have mastered in manufacturing custom-built carbon products for a wide range of industries viz. Automobile, Industrial, Domestic Home Appliances, Consumer & Professional Power Tools, DC Motors and other general engineering applications.
We deal in:-
Automobile Copper carbon tablets/brushes
Industrial copper carbon tablets/brushes
Graphite Blocks
Graphite tablets
Carbons fof Dimmers /Variac
Dimmer/Variac spare parts
EG (Electro Graphite) grade tablets
DC Motor Carbon brushes
Production Capacity - 150,000 to 200,000 pcs per month